Welcome to the Rocket XP website! For 2014, we'll be bashing from Brisbane to Sydney in the "Cane Toads to Coackroaches" Variety Bash - having lots of fun and raising lots of money for the kids of Queensland along the way. Please help us out by donating online at Everyday Hero.

Check back here during the bash for daily trip report updates (where we have internet service!)

Thanks to our generous sponsors, we have raised $10,567.50!

Working Day

Today we had the team and some helpers as we stripped the car down ready for engine removal. Gouldy, Kent and I worked on disconnecting everything to the motor while Wardy installed a new stereo and speakers. Jackie worked on getting our Facebook page created, and Erin fed and watered everyone! Looking forward to having the motor rebuilt and getting the car back on the road!

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Kick Off!

This week we have kicked of the 2014 entry of Car NASA with a bang! We started out with our first car meeting, getting all the plans and paperwork in place. So far Wardy IT is back on board as a major sponsor, donating a whopping $4000! Thanks to Wardy and the team at Wardy IT for their generous support in helping the kids of Queensland. We have also secured our accommodation in Bathurst, luckily getting some of the last rooms available. We have also raised another $1000 on top of our initial donation, so things are looking good!

We will be undertaking a major engine rebuild this Bash, so preparations are under way to remove the engine, have it overhauled and back into the car by the end of March. And of course, putting together all the flyers and marketing, website updates and general paperwork that goes along with a Bash!

Looking forward to hitting the road, and hope that you can help us with an online donation at Everyday Hero's.

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Engine out

The original motor lasted 45 years. It's now out and getting rebuilt for the Bash. Hope it lasts another 45 years! :-)

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Car NASA Info:

1965 Ford XP Falcon
Engine: 170ci straight 6
Fuel: Unleaded/LPG
Gearbox: 4-speed Toyota
Brakes: 4 wheel drum
Accessories: air-con, cruise control, sunroof, mag wheels


Wardy IT

Technology Effect

Resonate IT

Advantech Software

Enhance ALM

Xen Systems

Edge Energy Services

Queensland Energy Resources

Early Falcon Car Club

BKH Plumbing

Brett's Automotive


Variety Queensland

Donate online at Everyday Hero